Traveling across Canada … in the winter?

The things you do for a pay cheque. Pick the two worst weather capitals of Canada and then find a job that sends you there every winter. Welcome to my life.

(OK. It’s actually pretty good)


By day I work for a wild and wonderful group called Enactus. This new generation of entrepreneurial leaders form student teams on university and college campuses across the country and run innovative and inspiring community development projects. In short, these are incredible people doing incredible things.

Enactus events are based on the philosophy that competition breeds excellence so every year we hold regional and national competitions to select top projects and top teams.

This is how I find myself on a plane to Calgary, Alberta in the ides of March.

Last week my plane touched down in Halifax, Nova Scotia after much anxiety as to whether or not the weather would allow us to take off in the first place, or land in the end.

February in Halifax. Surprise. There was a snowstorm.

The white flakes swirled around the van as we drove into the city over Macdonald bridge. Like a scene change in a movie the snow abruptly stopped and torrential rain poured from the skies. Ten minutes in Halifax and I’d seen two seasons.

Last year the first day of our event in Calgary was a balmy 12 degrees. The second day people entered with red faces, runny noses, toques and giant winter jackets. It had dropped to -41.

The current forecast for Calgary boasts 17 degrees. We’ll see what happens…

So I ask myself as I stare out the plane window across a cloudless sky, why do I travel across this crazy country at the most unpredictable time of year?

But the answer is pretty clear. Despite day to day pains and frustrations that come with any gig, when I sit back at the end of the day with a cool beverage and really reflect…I have a great job working with passionate people that allows me to travel my country.

When I stop to think about it – and appreciate it – it’s easy to see life is pretty good for this blond white girl.

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