Follow the Yellow Brick Road

When we discovered her, she was nestled in the full green leaves of late summer, gazing lazily over the Gananoque river. Her chrome yellow shone like the sun. People called it the end of the yellow brick road. We fell in love immediately. … More Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Props For My Mom

This week my mom has turned 60 and next week she retires from work. It’s a big year for this gal, and we’re having a party to celebrate.  After all, she’s a pretty fabulous woman. My mom went back to school when I was pretty young, and one of my earliest memories with with her … More Props For My Mom

East Meets West

We are sitting on the rooftop of a high end downtown Toronto condo building with wine and cheese in hand as the bride to be, being decorated fingertip to toe in henna, looks at me and says ‘I never dreamed it would happen like this’ and laughs. Fourteen years of memories rushed through my mind, paving … More East Meets West