East Meets West

IMG_20140627_185123We are sitting on the rooftop of a high end downtown Toronto condo building with wine and cheese in hand as the bride to be, being decorated fingertip to toe in henna, looks at me and says ‘I never dreamed it would happen like this’ and laughs.

Fourteen years of memories rushed through my mind, paving the way to this moment. The arrival in Canada, the pressures of family expectations, being too far from home at too young an age, trying to fit in, falling in love with white boys, trying to love brown boys, developing beautiful friendships, building an impressive career, conquering tradition with the only thing in the world that can break its bond – love.

One had to know that tradition would be lost as a new life in a new country was built. Lost is the wrong word. Modified. Modernized.

photo 1-2Tradition was definitely not lost in this spectacular union of two people so much in love, but it certainly had a modern twist.

In the middle of Cave Springs Vineyard on a hot summer day in the Niagara region sat an Indian wedding tent.

A Hindu minister performed a traditional Indian wedding – everything repeated in English , of course – with much patience and great humour.

The bride and her bejewelled gown shone in the sunlight. The Ottawa valley groom and his entire family donned traditional Indian dress.

Dinner was held in one of Canada’s finest dining establishments. There was an Instagram photo contest.

photo 2-2We started with samosas and ended with pizza.

East met West…and they fell in love. And as a result, I had the privilege of attending one of the most beautiful weddings for one of my dearest friends.

Cheers to love. It really does conquer all.


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