Going Home for Dinner

Winding streets of the Nubian village at dusk.

Opposite Aswan – Southern Egyptian city – along the Nile, you will find a Nubian village – a special place indeed.

We steer the felucca to the west side of the Nile and dock along the banks of this village, where we are greeted by the ‘man of the house’ – indeed, likely the man of the community.

We walk through countless streets and/or back alley ways – maybe all of them – passing houses and livestock; women in burkas, covering their faces because of the strange men in the village; many children; and doors of every imaginable shape, size and colour.

This man welcomes us into his home – one of the largest, and definitely the fanciest of the community; four bedrooms, full electricity, even an air conditioned room!

We met his family, his nieces and nephews and then his sister proceeded to cook us a feast. It was, by far, the best meal I had in Egypt: lentil soup, fresh green salad, rice, fish, chicken, vegetables and homemade bread. It was truly delicious and topped off with cinnamon tea.

A fabulous home cooked meal with new friends.

At first it was a bit awkward finding yourself in someone’s home that you didn’t know, and I felt like I was intruding a little. But as we sat and chatted about culture and life and business and family, I felt at home – even though I was so far from it.

I am grateful for the hospitality and kindness shown to me.

It was a moment amongst friends. A glimpse into another person’s life. A beautiful memory.

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