Magic in Muskoka

Perspective from a Muskoka cottage

A Canadian pass time – the cottage/cabin/camp. An Ontario gem – Muskoka.

Rode the 400 north for a couple hours with some girlfriends to spend time lakeside in a cottage that’s been standing for over 100 years.

We lived the typical cottage experience – we ate too much, drank too much, played games, chatted, swore, shared secrets, offered advice and laughed.

But we had a special treat this weekend, Grandma came for dinner.

Five smart, successful and (currently) unmarried ladies (including Grandma) sat and talked about life and love, careers and relationships.

I always find it fascinating to be confronted with wisdom; I find it comforting and calming. The tranquil reflection on a life lived, and the quiet reassurance that it all works out.

After a great meal and a couple glasses of wine, we made a time capsule; a list of predictions and wishes to revisit one year later. The thirty-somethings spoke of new jobs and new homes and developing relationships, and we all had dreams of change.

Conversation with girlfriends

One year from now, Grandma wants exactly what she has today.

I want what she has too…contentment.

The ability to appreciate a blessed life as you are living it; to know how to be happy – likely the conundrum of our generation.

Cheers to health and happiness, Nanna and friends.

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