Summer Camping Extravaganza

Wanderlust much? Stick a lifelong, multiple times a year travel junkie in the middle of a global pandemic and that lust becomes ravenous. With no global or cross country travel on the books for 2020, I am taking to the Ontario Parks system for my fix. … More Summer Camping Extravaganza

Wanderlust: 2020 Requires Stronger Term

Wanderlust. We use the hashtag on all our Instagram and Twitter posts to depict our love of, desire for, and need to travel. And that was before the COVID-19 pandemic. After two months in isolation under a global travel ban, what I’m feeling has far surpassed lust. I am nearing madness. … More Wanderlust: 2020 Requires Stronger Term

Props For My Mom

This week my mom has turned 60 and next week she retires from work. It’s a big year for this gal, and we’re having a party to celebrate.  After all, she’s a pretty fabulous woman. My mom went back to school when I was pretty young, and one of my earliest memories with with her … More Props For My Mom