Wanderlust: 2020 Requires Stronger Term

Wanderlust. We use the hashtag on all our Instagram and Twitter posts to depict our love of, desire for, and need to travel. And that was before the COVID-19 pandemic. After two months in isolation under a global travel ban, what I’m feeling has far surpassed lust. I am nearing madness.

I scroll social media and find people watching destination movies through toilet seat holes, pretending to be on a plane. In my sane days, I would roll my eyes at these ridiculous (albeit creative) clips. Now I watch them…longingly. Considering how to re-create them in my living room. I have officially lost my mind.

So what do we do, Wanderlusters? How do we keep from unravelling?

[Privilege check: I am healthy. I am able to pay my bills. I am keeping in close contact with family and friends – maybe better than before. This is definitely a first world problem. But stuff your judgement. Everything is relative and I’m going crazy over here.]

So how is my white, upper-middle class, self coping with not helping destroy the planet through the unnecessary burning of fossil fuels for my personal pleasure? I am glad you asked.

The first answer is gratitude. Remembering my privilege within the isolation measures of a global pandemic and being thankful for the health and happiness of my family and friends. May we never take these critical things for granted.

IMG_3995The second answer is creating adventures in my own city. I have been walking my city like a tourist and seeing it with new eyes. The outdoor artwork and greenery in the city of Toronto is actually quite impressive. I encourage you to make it a destination and GET OUT of the concrete jungle downtown and weave your way through the parks and alleyways (YES! The alleyways!) to see truly impressive street art left with permission on walls and garages throughout the city.

The third answer is dreaming and planning. For my 40th year, my goal is step on my seventh continent – Antarctica. That trip, my friends, takes planning. Money needs to be saved (so much money!!!), reservations need to be made over a year in advance (not my forte), and I have to be physically and mentally prepared for that insane adventure.

This epic dream is what is keeping me going. It helps me face everyday in my house, helps me comply with isolation measures, knowing that a grand adventure awaits.

I guess even though wanderlust has made these two months long and me anxious to get out in the world, in the end wanderlust is what will get me through. I hope it can help you too.

Stay healthy. Stay kind.


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