The Rich Aucoin Experience

I have experienced Rich Aucoin live in concert twice. Truly, seeing his live performance is an experience. You don’t watch a Rich Aucoin show. You are the Rich Auction show.

This east coast girl first saw this east coast boy at Winnipeg Folk Festival in 2013. I had no idea who he was, but folk fest is for discovering new music. So off I stroll to Big Blue for one of the best festival experiences of my life.

A few weeks ago, I bought a ticket to TURF (Toronto Urban Roots Festival) to see Rich Aucoin. If I didn’t see another performer that weekend, it would have been worth the three day bracelet to be a part of his show once again.

A Rich Aucoin show cannot be appreciated until it is experienced. Somehow he creates an instant community at his shows. You, Rich and everyone around you sing together, dance together, laugh together, play parachute together…literally. There’s no banter with the crowd. There are full on conversations. He spends more time in the crowd than on stage. It’s simply so much fun.

Oh and he also shares his phone number you can text him for free music. Truth.

You haven’t seen a show until you’ve seen Rich Aucoin. Now go get some tickets!

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