Romance on Coronado Island

Geoff and Jody on a gondolaA gentleman named Giovanni greeted us warmly and escorted us down the dock. I took his hand and gingerly stepped into the beautiful hand carved gondola as the sun was setting in the Coronado harbour.

I love boats and I feel at home on the water but I was not expecting to find nirvana in the San Diego bay that night.

With a bottle of champagne chilling on ice in the bow and italian love songs floating from the stern, we glided along the harbour. Admiring the San Diego skyline, critiquing the multimillion dollar homes along the shores and raising our glasses to the true adventurers who live aboard their boats in the marina, the sun set on a truly beautiful day.

There are very few moments in life when you capture a feeling of pure tranquility. A moment in time when all your cares are washed away and you feel truly at peace. Lying in the arms of my lover as we sipped champagne and glided softly along the waterways was, without a doubt, one of those times.

Thank you San Diego.

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