Adventures in Feminism

At 2:00am on November 9th I found myself crying in my kitchen. I really didn’t think the outcome of the United States presidential election would impact me that much, but there I was…deeply wounded.

Facebook Post - November 9 2016

The day after the “The Inauguration”, a reinvigorated women’s movement and more than five million people worldwide, took to the streets. They then asked women to take on 10 assignments in coming 100 days.

While the official task list continues to roll out,  I’m taking stock of my own actions in the first 50-ish days. I think I’ve got five. I’m on my way.

  1. I am leaning in. I have been stepping up (like 17 steps) at work. I insert myself. I voice my opinions. I lead initiatives. I am the bravest I have ever been, AND the most successful AND the most proud.
  2. I am consuming art created by women. I am listening to women only playlists and have read two fabulous books by Lindy West and Gloria Steinem. I am inspired.
  3. I am consuming a feminist media source. Women’s Media Centre is now part of my weekly consumables; a news source that is unabashedly biased, and has (by far) the most intelligent people engaging in intense discussions. I also sometimes laugh.
  4. I have gone public. I tweeted my MP and Prime Minister about my policy stance on immigration and lack of tolerance for discrimination, and I did a live broadcast on why I supported #DayWithoutAWoman today.
  5. I went on strike!

Today was International Women’s Day, and I went on strike. I didn’t go to work. I didn’t check email. I was out. Instead I meditated, went for a run, wore red, walked to city hall where women wore capes, went skating, and hung out with their friends. I visited with my friend and my favourite new baby, and spent some wonderful time with my partner. And I didn’t buy a thing!


The true purpose of this blog is to illustrate that every single one of our seven billion perspectives is unique, inherently political, and welcome. I think that was the purpose of today as well. That makes me smile.

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