Iceland: The Ultimate Roadtrip

The glaciers knew exactly what they were doing when they carved up this country: they were creating the ultimate terrain for roadtripping.


As we departed Reykjavik with a full tank of gas, car snacks and a roadmap, we had no idea what to expect and frankly our minds were blown.

Ring Road #1 loops around the entire country and we decided to let it be our guide. It is a 13ish hour trek that we turned into a weeklong roadtrip, and I recommend doing it that way if you have time. In fact, if I have one piece of advice for travelling Iceland, it’s take your time. Stop often. Enjoy much.

While we used the Ring Road as our home base for the trip, we broke from it often for special adventures: exploring the Golden Circle, picnicking on Black Sand Beach (or Reynisfjara shore), iceberg hunting at the base of Vatnajökull, whale watching in Husavik, stopping time in Stragastrond and so much more.

You do not have enough eyes to take in all the sights of this country.  

The landscape changes every 2-3 minutes. Glaciers appear out of nowhere. Gorgeous waterfalls dot the southern coast and you’ll want to walk behind them, over them, through them. Sheep, ducks, horses and cows pop across the road randomly. Whales seemingly love to jump and entertain. Beaches beg you to picnic on them. Hot springs call your name.

Going to Iceland is like going to the moon: it’s strange, it’s rugged, it’s adventurous, it’s exhilarating, it will take your breath away. This country is truly spectacular.

Words fail. Experience it.

2 thoughts on “Iceland: The Ultimate Roadtrip

  1. Sounds like an amazing and unforgettable experience! Iceland is definitely on my bucket list 🙂

    1. If you ever have the chance to go, take it. It was absolutely amazing! In the meantime, happy travels 🙂

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