New York City: 32 Adventures in 32 Hours

It was one of those days at work. Back to back meetings, looming deadlines, stuffy boardrooms, annoying coworkers. I pick up my phone to see three missed calls, more than a half dozen texts and a crazy email train with dates, passport numbers, itineraries and thank yous.

Can you get away for April 9-10 weekend?…We may get a free trip to NYC from Kevin…Can you confirm you can go?…I know I’m bugging you…Call me ASAP…I said yes!…Hope that’s ok…We’re going to a Leafs game in NY!!!

I was going to New York City!

As long suffering Leafs fans and lovers of Manhattan, my partner and I were super excited to join a crew of awesome people in New York City for the fifth and final Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment fan trip of the 2015-2016 season.

We would have only 32 hours in The Big Apple but we would make the most of it!

An afternoon at the Museum of Modern Art for the Jackson Pollock exhibit, Geoff’s first trip on the NYC subway, a stroll through the financial district, brunching, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, exploring Williamsburg, playing retro arcade games, drinking craft beer, watching the Leafs lose a hockey game in Jersey (ok we could have done that at home). We even found a few windows to make out and make love. (Don’t tell my mom)

In short, this short trip was nothing short of spectacular.

The spontaneity of the trip and energy of the city that never sleeps made it possible to have 32 adventures in 32 hours and here’s the gallery of 32 photos to prove it:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This blog was made possible by the generosity of my amazing brother-in-law who gifted us this fan trip. 

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