Happiness in the Great Outdoors

On the beach beside my childhood home.

I was born a country girl. An east coast country girl. I spent my childhood climbing rocky shores and exploring beaches, swimming in ponds, running around the meadow, camping with my parents and playing baseball on a self-made diamond in a giant field behind my uncle’s house.

While I now very happily live in the city, nothing makes me feel more calm and relaxed (or perhaps at home) than being in the country, especially when camping.

Welcome to Camp Croker Indian Park

Living outdoors is awesome. The winds in the trees. The water lapping against the shore. The crackling of the fire. There is something meditative and magical about the great outdoors.

Hoping to capture a little of that magic, my friend Patricia and I ventured into Cape Croker Park and set up for ‘rough’ camping (It wasn’t that rough…there were porto-potties!). We spent the next three days walking along randomly discovered beaches, chilling on discarded and decrepit piers and paddling across the Georgian Bay. I was in heaven.

Always so happy to be on the water.

I just love a canoe. Floating along the water is so peaceful. It quiets my mind and calms my soul. I think it reminds me of my home by the ocean, and that makes me happy.

I guess you can take the girl out of the country…for a while…but she always makes her way back.

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