San Diego’s Top 5

Normally I am an adventure traveller so I was worried about spending a week in San Diego, a city I had never thought of visiting or frankly heard much about.

But San Diego blew my mind. It was so easy to travel around town (transit is a dream) or out of town (car rentals are cheap and navigation is easy) to countless adventures: beaches, craft breweries, Mexico!

To amend for my doubts about this incredible city, here are the top five things I heart about San Diego!

5. Diving

The first time I have ever dove in North America was in San Diego; it was also my first cold water dive.

That day a sea lion kept us company as we geared up on the boat and we descended to the wreck of the HMCS Yukon which looked like a beautifully formed lush garden of whites and pinks.

I was so happy to be diving – it’s the love of my life.

4. Booze

IMG_20150329_161830The craft beer industry in San Diego is for serious.

Armed with a sense of adventure and a massively underdeveloped palette, I set out to fall punch drunk in love with whatever liquids San Diego had to offer.

From peanut buttery stout to spicy Thai ale to fresh orange slice chasers, San Diego definitely upped my drinking game. Cheers SD!

3. Gondola Rides on Coronado Island

Geoff and Jody on a gondolaWith a bottle of champagne chilling on ice in the bow and italian love songs floating from the stern, a beautifully bearded man named Giovanni guided our hand crafted gondola through the marina on Coronado Island.

Lying in the arms of my lover as we sipped champagne at sun set and glided softly along the waterways was the most romantic evening of my life.

2. Waterfront

download_20150416_201419We frequented the waterfront many times on our trip to San Diego. We had picnics and watched a crazy guy on a sea-doo doing backflips in the harbour. We walked the boardwalk, posed with statues and mastered jump shots. And, as you just discovered, we also took a ferry ride to Coronado Island.

It’s a beautiful, easily accessible part of the city that is ripe with adventure. Bring sunscreen and an open mind.

1. Food

IMG_20150331_163632I didn’t put it together before arriving in San Diego. I had no idea about the incredible discovery I would make upon arrival.

Get this (spoiler alert!). San Diego is next door to Mexico. This means Mexican food is everywhere in San Diego; high quality, cheap Mexican food. Mexican food is my favourite food on the face of the planet. So in San Diego, this BWG was in food heaven.

All and all, my trip was fantastic. I am 10 pounds heavier and madly in love with San Diego.

2 thoughts on “San Diego’s Top 5

  1. I’ve never really thought much about traveling to S.D, but after reading your latest post, I am all in!

    1. Don’t think about. Just do it! I promise it won’t disappoint. Also…thanks so much for commenting 🙂

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