#Instaleap: Leaps From Years Travelling Around the World

Since it only comes but once every four years, I have decided to commemorate the Leap Year phenomenon by sharing the best leaps from my travel adventures. The Great Jump of China The Bahama Beach Jump Man Overboard! The San Diego Boardwalk Jump Jump Like an Egyptian   Border Jump (A Wall Won’t Stop Me!)   … More #Instaleap: Leaps From Years Travelling Around the World

Interview with Jody Lundrigan at Adventures of a Blond White Girl

Originally posted on The Goal List:
Photo provided by Jody Lundrigan – Used with permission Today’s interview is with Jody Lundrigan, who loves sharing her travel adventures with the world via her blog. Inspired by Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” poem, Jody makes time to travel while fulfilling the responsibilities of a full-time job. She…